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5 Design Tips to Increase Website Engagement

Posted · Category: Information

When we are designing a website, we not only want that site to look great, but we need to make sure that our design encourages people to complete important tasks for which the site was created.

This could be making a purchase, requesting more information, becoming a member, or some other action that turns a random visitor into an actual customer. This is website engagement, and the design decisions that we make in our work can help increase that engagement and the overall success of the website. At Webydo, we are constantly monitoring these decisions to improve the product by understanding customer behavior.

In this article, we will look at 5 design tips that you can use to increase engagement on your next website project.

1. Clear Calls-To-Action

Have you ever been to a website and thought, “what do I do next?” You are not alone. One of the best ways that you can increase website engagement is by making it easy and obvious for customers to determine what they need to do to proceed.


When designing a website, think about the path that visitors should take and then make this path obvious with clear calls-to-action that do not allow those visitors to wonder “what do I do next?”

2. A Multi-Device Experience

The days of customers coming to websites only using large, desktop computers is long gone. If you want your website design to succeed on today’s Web, you need to think beyond the desktop and plan for a multi-device experience with a responsive website.


A responsive website is one that can change its layout and design based on the size of a visitor’s screen – from small screen mobile devices to those large screen desktop monitors. This ensures that no matter what device a customer comes to the website using, your site will greet them with a design suited to their screen size – and with Webydo’s Pixel Perfect Responsive Editor, you can feel confident knowing that you will have total control over the look of the site for every one of those screen sizes!

3. Focus on Readability

No matter what kind of website you are designing, there is bound to be content on that site that you need visitors to read. Focusing on readability is one of the best ways you can keep visitors on your site and consuming its content.


Look at your design’s typography – Is the font size large enough? Is the color contrast sufficient? Are the letterforms of the font you have chosen easy to distinguish? Increased reability contributes to increased engagement!

4. Do Less

There is always a temptation to do more with a website design, but often the answer is actually to “do less”, not more.
By eliminating elements on a page, you immediately provide emphasis to any that remain – and if one of those elements that remains is a clear call-to-action button or message, then you are using two of the tips in this article to increase website engagement.

5. The “WOW” Factor

Sometimes you want to “wow” visitors as a way to increase engagement. One of the ways you can do this is with a Parallax website.

Parallax websites feature scrolling animation where elements in the foreground move at a different speed than those in the background. This gives the site a sense of depth and motion and it is a wonderful way to immerse visitors in the site’s experience – and by immersing them in the site, you encourage them to stay and engage!

Check out Webydo’s Parallax Scrolling Animator feature and see how you can add this “wow” factor to your site without needing to write any code to do so.

In Closing

When thinking about your next website design, consider the decisions that you make and how they not only affect the aesthetics of the site, but also how those design decisions can encourage website engagement and help fuel that site’s success!

About the Author

Tomer Lerner is an award-winning designer and a UX Manager at Webydo – the code-free website design platform for professional designers – where he manages the UX development team to push beyond the limits of creativity.

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