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Team Communication Starts with HipChat

Posted · Category: Chat

Communication at work. While email isn’t going away, team communication platforms like HipChat are allowing for more collaborative and productive communication experiences between co-workers.

HipC​hat combines every communication method you’d ever need—IM, group chat, screen sharing, file sharing, link sharing, video and voice calling—into a single solution. Working remotely, working across time zones, and working with the person right next to you becomes infinitely simpler and more efficient.


Create a chat room for your team or project so you can brainstorm, discuss work, or share files all in one place. Everything in HipChat is archived and searchable by keyword so you can go back to a conversation whenever you want. @mentions allow you to bring your co-workers instantly into a conversation so you can get all of the right people involved in the discussion.

Best of all, HipChat is completely free for unlimited users. The Basic plan offers everything you need to get your team started: group chat, IM, file sharing, unlimited users and integrations. And if you’re interested in video chat and screen sharing, HipChat Plus is just $2/user per month.

Get your team on HipChat, sign up for a ​free​ account.​

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  • Haven’t used this chat yet. But looks useful for business team. There are many chats coming uop lately similar to hipchat.

  • GideonRicht

    HipChat is pretty good, but Bitrix24 is WAY more powerful and better priced (hard to beat their free plan)

  • Stephen George

    HipChat has a free plan, and it’s quite possibly the best chat tool ever. It includes unlimited users to keep remote teams connected all the time, unlimited group chat to make jumping in and out of projects easier than ever before, over 60+ integrations, and much more. You should check it out!

    Disclaimer: I work for Atlassian, the company that makes HipChat :)

  • Team chat for business is very important. HipChart is really helpful for businesses.

  • Fleuri Adon

    like slack ? =)

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