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20 Best Free & Premium eCommerce Templates

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If you’ve ever compared website creating to magic, you may have noticed that both online shop creating and a magic trick consist of 3 parts.

In the first part you see the object: a ‘raw’ template with plenty of Latin text, a name which doesn’t even fit your project and a design which you still need to adjust. The second part is “The Turn”. The ordinary thing turns into something extraordinary. At this stage you customize a template to a state which you hope impresses your customers and becomes eye-candy to you. The third part of the trick is usually getting everything back to the initial state… but not for you. This is actually the only thing that differentiates a website creation from a regular magic trick. Your rock-solid, online store endures for a long time, spreading joy and profit to the owner and customers alike. Actually, it is more magical than a regular trick, and that’s great.

We suggest that you check out these 20 free & premium eCommerce templates: OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop & WooCommerce. Beautiful, elegant and ready to roll, they can become a superb foundation for your online stores. Start a new project at the drop of a hat, check out the themes, get inspired and – most important – remember anything is possible for you.

Free PrestaShop Themes

1. Tire Rack

Wheel & Tires template will become a great theme for a wheel & tire store. Strict square design is the central idea of the layout. Ironically, square design sells round-shaped items best. Anyway, this theme will also be perfect for industrial, architecture, interior and sport stores.


2. Ikon

IKON is a free PrestaShop theme. A truly clean design excludes any distracting items, focusing your attention on the products in the store. The proper effect is achieved by using lots of white space and the hover effect applied in the menu. Simplicity – that’s the main idea.


3. GameGear

Another free PrestaShop theme for creating an online shop. An unusual shape is used in the design of this theme – a rhombus. There is a call-to-action button on it; overlooking it is absolutely impossible. When you scroll down, you see the first New Products section, then Featured Products and Recent Blog almost at the bottom.


Premium PrestaShop Themes

4. Handbags Store

A responsive PrestaShop template for creating a beautiful handbag store. Its layout is pretty unusual, so don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of it. Layout includes big images which are sized gradually, drawing attention to the biggest one. By the way, the idea to break one image into several ones and to place them on a page is fresh for online stores – your client will love it.


5. Underwater

A clean watercolored PrestaShop theme. List/grid category view, responsive home page slideshow and font awesome icons are among the features integrated into this theme. Of particular advantage is full responsiveness, and if the background image is chosen carefully, it can have a major impact on site visitors.


For more premium PrestaShop themes visit this vast collection of PrestaShop certified themes.

Free Magento Themes

6. Fit Body

Fit Body is a brand new (and 100% free) Magento theme for sport, healthy food and fitness websites. It combines trendy full-width slider, large background parallax images with clean layout and convenient horizontal navigation. Advanced social options for sharing your content and maintaining the community are the cherry on top. Be sure to check out the demo below.


7. Women Fashion

Create a website for any kind of fashion product with this free Magento theme. Like most fashion-related templates, this template has a clean stylish design. It can become a great selling website due to its automatic Sale label on Category view, promotion blocks on Homepage and featured products list on Homepage. Thanks to a newsletter subscription field and social media links in the Footer, customers will be better connected to this website.


8. Jewelry Online Shop

They say the most beautiful jewelry was made by the Gods. This template was made by Pagayo, and it’s still one of the best Magento examples. The theme’s features will help you create the best website focusing on class and fashion. Recently viewed products won’t let the viewer forget what grabbed his attention before and will prompt him to convert from looking to ordering later. Slider on the Homepage will show the best of the products, thus making the website a great piece of design.


Premium Magento Themes

9. Masquerade Masks

A shiny, glittering Magento theme for creating an online accessory store. A store like this needs to be created as a story – a story presented visually, with an element of secrecy. Incorporate features of the theme, like touch product carousel, list/grid category view, categories accordion, MegaMenu and Parallax effect, and make them work for you.


10. Infant Clothing Store

Even those who are quite indifferent to cute kids’ photos cannot help smiling on seeing this beautiful Magento template. It’s a great option for any project that has visual presentation as its main point. The theme is fully responsive, which lets you create one website instead of 2. Pay attention to how the parallax effect affects the overall perception of a viewer.


If you still haven’t found a Magento theme which would serve the purpose of your future online store website, you can check themes on trusted template providers’ websites like TemplateMonster where there are hundreds of them from which you can choose.

Free OpenCart Templates

11. Vetiver

Beautiful to the core, this Opencart theme is a perfect solution for any beauty-related website: fashion, wedding, gifts store – anything where aesthetics is a primary demand. It’s 100% free & 100% responsive. What will be of use to you when you create a website is Parallax and Lazy Load effect. All in all, it’s a great theme for a stunning project.


12. Mobile

A beautiful OpenCart responsive theme for any business dealing with cars. Shopping carts and client area are integrated into the theme. The template is designed so nothing superfluous drives the customer’s attention away. How you customize the theme is up to you – mega menu, footer section, product categories, product description pages will serve their purpose best after your changes.


13. Sport

This free OpenCart theme is definitely worth considering. Being dynamic, having a full width slideshow module and Google Web font, its best use would be for an online sports shop. Also it’s fully responsive, so save your time by not having to create an extra version of a website.


Premium OpenCart Templates

14. Hosting

It’s an embodiment of symmetry and high-tech style. The eye-pleasing design of this template will become the key factor of a successful website. Visual perspective and camera slideshow are two of the many advantages of this template.


15. Interior Blinds & Curtains Store

This template fits any e-commerce project perfectly. Don’t underestimate the value of video integration – a video in the background grabs your customer’s attention. Being fully responsive, this theme will become a great basis for a website which looks good on any device. An image slider presents the products of this specialist store in the best possible way.


If you want to cherry-pick a design, you can also check out premium templates to ensure you’ve chosen the best one.

Free WooCommerce Themes

16. MusclePharm

Be careful: this free & beautiful WooCommerce website can make you go to the gym the very moment you see it. The great news is that it’s applicable for any type of store. Its design is unique, responsive and a little seductive. It provides you with a great opportunity to create an image-only website. Layouts which don’t have space between the images can generate a larger conversion. Additionally, 80 shortcodes and lifetime free updates are provided.


17. Mystile

A free WooCommerce theme Mystile has everything a proper theme needs: responsiveness, customizability, custom Homepage and shortcodes. One can easily alter color schemes and create a great online store with a simple and clean minimalist layout.


18. Unite

Here is a really beautiful, minimalist-designed WooCommerce theme for a wedding website. Image slider has the images displayed in the showiest way. Your customers and you will enjoy the responsive flat design, infinite scroll and the featured image.


Premium WooCommerce Themes

19. Antique Store

A chic WooCommerce template with a Parallax effect. Its fancy design will attract your attention: check out the hover effect on the images. Fantastic slider will share your images the best way possible, and advanced backup will always keep the data safe. There’s only a 2-step installaltion with a great result in the end. You simply can’t miss it.


20. Supplements Online Store

A WooCommerce theme for a supplement store is absolutely easy on the eyes. No separating lines in the design help to create an airy effect, and your look glides seamlessly over the page. Its layout and functionality ensure that this theme will be a perfect choice for a blog, portfolio or online store website.


200 more WooCommerce themes are waiting for you in this diverse collection.

In this article we presented free and premium themes for four most popular eCommerce platforms – PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart and WooCommerce. Each of them is unique in its own way and is used for different types of online business. What eCommerce platform is your personal favorite and why? Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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