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PHP Online Programming Test

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It can be difficult to hire a developer without knowing all of their skills. To avoid problems once you hire them, it’s possible to use a PHP Online Programming Test so you can test the full extent of their knowledge prior to offering them a job.

PHP is a scripting language that is used for a lot of web development. More than 240 million websites have PHP installed on them, so it is a very popular language that is used. Not all programmers have the same level of knowledge and you will want to know what they do and don’t know. Tests for Geeks is there for you.

The PHP/MySQL test (https://tests4geeks.com/test/php-mysql) will be useful when deciding what they know. You can have a candidate take the test and once they have completed it, you will get the results. This will allow you to see how much they know and then decide if you want to hire them.


The test is not designed to take the place of an interview. You may still want to conduct an interview. However, you can narrow down the candidates that you interview by first finding out about the full extent of their PHP knowledge. If they don’t do well on their test, then you may not want to bother with an interview. This will save you time and ensure you’re only interviewing the most qualified of the candidates.

The PHP/MySQL testing can be done on candidates that are overseas or that you wish to hire from a freelance website, such as Freelancer or Odesk. Before you begin working with them, you can simply send them the link to see if they are as knowledgeable of a developer as they claim to be within their online profile or resume.

When you decide you want to have candidates go through the PHP Online Programming Test, there are some options as to how you have them take the test. You can provide them with a link or you can have the link on your website so they can complete the test and then forward you their resume and contact information. It’s also possible to use your own domain name and logo. This way it looks as though it’s your test and part of the overall hiring process. You choose the way you wish to issue the test.

The pricing that is offered from Tests for Geeks is very flexible. The prices begin at $29.95 and there are discounts available with three month to one year subscriptions.

You have to find out about the skills of a programmer and the PHP Online Programming test can be conducted on your terms to give you more information about a candidate. It saves you time and tells you about whether they are capable of doing the job or not.

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