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Aurelia – Modular, Simple and Testable JS Framework

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Aurelia is a next generation JavaScript client framework that leverages simple conventions to empower your creativity. With its strong focus on developer experience, Aurelia can enable you to not only create amazing applications, but also enjoy the process. They’ve designed it with simple conventions in mind so you don’t need to waste time with tons of configuration or write boilerplate code just to satisfy a stubborn or restrictive framework. It’s been carefully designed to be pluggable and customizable.

These libraries have been used to develop thousands of applications for virtually every industry. They’ve harnessed this rich experience and used it to build Aurelia, the most advanced and developer friendly front-end framework today.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Demo: http://aurelia.io/
License: MIT License

  • This looks very interesting and I am very exited to see how this stands up to AngularJS :)

  • Andrew Woods

    It’s such early days but my initial thoughts are really positive. The learning curve looks a look smaller than Angular and by leaning on ES6, I’m not so worried about the ‘next’ big thing if Aurelia isn’t it.

    With JavaScript getting (really) serious, new stuff is likely to leverage ES6/7 so it’ll be a lot easier for devs to be ‘JavaScript Developers’ rather than ‘Angular/Ember/Backbone Developers’. Hence we’ll be able to choose the best framework/tools/library for the job.

    “learn once, write anywhere” #reactnative

  • EpicWebs

    How does this stack up, performance wise with Angular and React?

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