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Intercooler.js – Making AJAX As Simple As Anchor Tags

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

With intercooler you can add AJAX to your application without using client-side models, routing, validation, rendering, factories or dependency injection. In fact, you don’t need to write any javascript at all.

Intercooler is a natural extension of HTML: simple attributes with a familiar syntax are all that is required to add AJAX requests to your application. Intercooler does use javascript to communicate with a server, but the events triggering the requests are described with HTML attributes (or are simply implied) rather than with imperative javascript.

Rather than expecting a JSON response from the server, intercooler expects HTML. This HTML is then loaded into the DOM directly. This is in contrast with Javascript MVC frameworks such as Ember.js or Angular.js, which typically use JSON as a data transport and have much more involved client-side binding and rendering.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Demo: http://intercoolerjs.org/
License: MIT License

  • benjibuls

    Not a good habit to get into. Neat if you want to avoid programming, but looks like it was pulled from the .net codebehinds.

  • Carson Gross

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

    Intercooler has nothing to do with code-behind, it’s a REST-ful partial HTML library, and it’s a much better approach to AJAX for most web applications than other options: simpler, easier to reason about, easier to test.

    Seriously, read at least a bit of the documentation before you start commenting on it.

  • Andrew Eisenberg

    Seems like a neat way to avoid coding and give designers and other non-devs the tools to make powerful websites. I don’t see this as a general tool to build large and complex sites, though.

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