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Discover New Fonts and Colors with Every Tab

Posted · Category: Color Schemes, Tools

Palletab is a Chrome extension which uses Google fonts and amazing ColourLovers palettes to inspire you with fresh and clean inspiration every time you hit that new tab button. It’s a great tool for finding the suitable fonts for your websites or web applications.


Requirements: Chrome
Demo: http://palettab.com/
License: License Free

  • Seems like a nice extension, and as much as I like Google – Chrome always gives me problems so…too bad this isn’t just a regular web app.

  • Bring this wicked beast to Firefox! I use many browsers, but my favorite is Firefox! I just checked this out in Chrome, and it’s marvelous!

    Thanks for the share,

  • Nice!!!!!! I like chrome but this last months i had problem with it :S

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