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Not Having These Free Stuff Can Make You a Rookie

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Let’s say you are about to create a personal website. It might be a simple portfolio or a complex one depicting your interests or pertaining to a topic. During the development process, you need to make sure that the programming of the website is top-notch, so that it is responsive and works seamlessly over all mobile devices and browsers.

When you are under such intense pressure of shaping your website, it is always great to take help of some already available templates and tools from the internet. These tools and packages comes with ready-made designs, functionalities and all you need to do is simply incorporate them in your website. Thus you don’t have to develop every single detail right from the scratch. Now, if you are excited to get hands on these, guess what, all the following utilities can be availed for free. So let’s find out more about these freebies and how then can be helpful for your website.

1. 59 Web Marketing Tools

Once you have developed your website, it’s time to market it. There are a number of marketing strategies which are practiced by successful marketers, that you are unheard of. This free pdf, consists of the list of top 59 web marketing tools and sites, that can help you to market your website. Also it enlists whether these tools are paid or can be availed for free. Using this tool you can get important guidelines about how to market your website and what are the additional perks of marketing your website.

2. Stylish and sizzling free vector pack

Designing a brand new icon or logo is a tedious and time consuming process. But you still need brand new icons, to set you apart from the rest of the icons present on other websites. This is when these free vector pack comes handy. These freebies consists of a bunch of stickers, themes and design which can be easily included in your website. Also as these are vector graphics, they are suitable on devices having a spectrum of variable resolutions.

3. Wedding Photography Portfolio Template

This utility can be very helpful if you are creating a personal portfolio or a website for any creative agency. But this template is best suited for creating a memorable wedding story. The template is easy to use and can be used to narrate a story using its elegant vintage style. It consists of responsive grid, flaunts awesome fonts, filterable portfolio and much more. The template is completely customizable and you can choose either a light or dark version. The template has a responsive layout and is supported on all major browsers.

4. 3D App Mockup

Now-a-days most developers take the simplistic approach to design their websites. So if you create a simple website, it would be clean, cluster free and look fluid. The simple yet suave approach is the current trend. But designing such a website can take up a lot of productive time. So you can use a 3D app mockup, to design your personal website. These mockups can be instantly downloaded and is readily available in .psd format. You can utilize these designs for commercial purpose as well. This free app mockup pack looks realistic clean and also provides a 3D view for your website, making it extremely appealing and futuristic.

5. Joomla News Ticker

If you are thinking of creating a news website or a blog, this freebie can be extremely helpful. The Joomla news ticker provides a BBC news style animation, while displaying your articles. You can either show major article categories or subcategories, according to your desire. Also the news ticker, creates an interactive user interface and your audience can choose from a list of articles or play any selected articles.

6. SEO Planning Template

Content is king. It almost single handedly decides, how well your website would stand up. Using the free, SEO planning template you can decide the keyword that best describes your website. It can also make your website content search engine friendly and increase the page ranking of your website. In this way your website would be most likely to show up in the top searches made for the website.

7. Social Media Guidelines Template

Social media is a great platform to market your website. But if are conservative about your website and don’t want to reveal every minute detail about your website, you can use the Social Media Guideline templates to decide the amount of website transparency you want to portray on various social media platforms. If your website is meant for an organization or a company, you can use this free template and decide whether social media guideline would be unrestricted, moderate or conservative.

8. Website Checklist for Graphic Designers

If you are a graphics or web designer, you need to focus on every minute detail, while designing the website. Right from the layout, look & feel, interface, typography, email & social media, a web designer has to take care of all these aspects and even more. This is why the Website Checklist freebie is a boon for all graphic designers. It contains all the process a web designer needs to follow, mentions all the minute areas of the website where the web designing skill is most required and some innovative ideas, to build the website skillfully within a short span of time.

9. Colossus Responsive HTML5 Website Template

The free Colossus responsive template not only makes your website responsive, it also contains some pretty neat tools to propel the appeal of your website among the readers. It contains Facebook & Twitter button which your readers can use to directly connect with the author of the website and also helps to instill trust among your audience. The user interface of this template is clean and intuitive and helps your audience to connect with you easily. If your website caters to a location based business, you can use the large Google map present in the header to reveal your exact location or of your business’s.

10. 5 Premium Design Resources

This free design kit contains some neat IO 7 style designs along with a fully responsive framework. This kit is best to create your portfolio or the gallery section of your website. The kit comes with 7 landing page & web-mail psds to ease your website development process considerably.

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