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Store & Manage Your Passwords with Password Manager

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Limitlesslane is a password manager. It stores all your account information and passwords in one secure place, using the highest levels of encryption to ensure that only you have access to it. The reason Limitlesslane is so safe is because you’re the sole key-holder to your master password.

The browser extension is an easy and non-invasive installation. It will only appear on sites that you have linked through your Limitlesslane account, and with your quick click consent will automatically log you in. It enables Limitlesslane to not just serve as a storage for your information, but a time-saving instrument.


Requirements: –
Demo: https://webappers.limitlesslane.com/signup
License: License Free

  • DUzun

    I like it very much!

    Light, fast, secure, I can rest in peace at night knowing that all of my passwords are unique, unbreakable, and only accessible to me, without struggling to remember them.

    Check out all the features of this awesome web app and stay secure: https://limitlesslane.com/features

  • WinnieRhodework

    It seemed nice from the start, but then I have realised it is about 60 USD/month, which is too much. I use Sticky Password (www.stickypassword.com) and they are only for 12/month and are also with offline option to stay safe from cloud breaches.

  • wass36

    It is not $60 USD per month, Where did you read that?? it’s FREE if you manage up to 10 accounts and only $5 USD/month if you want to manage unlimited number of accounts.

    For many reasons, I think Limitlesslane is better (the best): it’s much nicer looking, it’s faster and it’s web-based which is more secure than having passwords saved on Local.

    Cloud breaches??! I didn’t quite understand that. I know that stored data in the cloud is encrypted with AES-256 (Search why it hasn’t been cracked yet) and it’s useless without the Master Password that is not stored anywhere but in your head.

  • WinnieRhodework

    Sorry, 60 USD/year both.. it is the most expensive password manager I have ever tried or seen. Lastpass is for 12 USD/year, Dashlane I think 39, but 60 is way too much.
    Web-based is not more secure – imagine an outage like it happened to Lastpass couple times. You are without your passwords. Having offline database locally makes you not be dependent on the provider – in this case Limitlesslane.
    Sure, they maybe can not crack it, but they can get the database and if you have a weak master password, they will get into it. But if I have it on my own PC which is secured, I am pretty much fine.

  • wass36

    There is a difference between driving a Mercedes S63 AMG and driving a Toyota Corolla and there is a difference between using Limitlesslane and using other password managers. It’s up to you to decide what you want to drive or what password manager you want to use, no one is forcing you.

    Limitlesslane is web-based and nothing like LastPass will happen to it because there is a well-paid team to make sure encrypted data is backed up and synced automatically every couple of minutes.

    Your computer is definitely not a secure place, this is why Google Chrome team decided to not use any special security means for storing passwords from auto-save, cause they don’t want users to think they are more safe then they really are!

    IE and Chrome use your computer log in password as the cipher for the encrypted data. Because of this, it’s easy for your passwords to be revealed with tools such as Nirsoft’s WebBrowserPassView. If third-party utilities like this can recover the data, malware running under your user account might also be able to access the data.

    And let’s say your computer is the most safe one on this planet. Remember, not every computer is.

    As I mentioned before, the Master Password is not stored in the database, only in your head so even the database is open for the hacker, there is nothing to find. The Master Password on Limitlesslane cannot be weak enough for the hacker to guess it because there is an anti-brute-force protection system. In addition, users has the option to enable two-factor authentication using their phone to access their accounts. Read more here: https://limitlesslane.com/security

  • Guest

    Limitlesslane also have a referral program that pays $10 for each person you invite and have an ACTIVE account.

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