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Authentication and Authorization without Passwords

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Passwordless is a modern node.js module for express that allows authentication and authorization without passwords by simply sending one-time password (OTPW) tokens via email or other means. It utilizes a very similar mechanism as the reset password feature of classic websites.

It’s faster to implement compared to typical user auth systems. It’s better for your users as they get started with your app quickly and don’t have to remember passwords. And also, it’s more secure for your users avoiding the risks of reused passwords.


Requirements: Node.js
Demo: https://passwordless.net/
License: License Free

  • Dan

    So this would require me to check my e-mail each time I want to login to an app? More hassle than typing a password in surely?

  • Ryan Cole

    Damn it! I just coded one of these on my own since there was literally nothing out there. Good to see this taking hold. I think it’s a great pattern, with fantastic security benefits. If more services did this giant password theft issues would be completely moot.

    To response to @disqus_z3deo1BoQC:disqus , I really don’t think it is. It depends on the length and complexity of the token and the duration the login session is valid for of course, but how often are you not sitting at a computer with your phone close at hand? Or with your mail open in a separate tab?

    Another similar case is signing up for email newsletters. Nearly every provider now requires a verification link from a mail to be clicked to complete the process.

    If the tokens are simple real words then it would be really easy to send it via sms or a facebook PM, or a twitter DM or anything really.

  • Ryan Cole

    I actually generated my tokens using chance.js so they were readable and also funny. :D

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