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Blast.js – Blast Text Apart to Make it Manipulable

Posted · Category: MIT License, Tools

Blast.js separates text in order to facilitate typographic manipulation. It has four delimiters built in: character, word, sentence, and element. Alternatively, Blast can match custom regular expressions and phrases.

Blast is highly accurate; it neither dumbly splits words at spaces nor dumbly splits sentences at periods. Features include: 1) By traversing text nodes, all HTML, event handlers, and spacing are preserved. Thus, you can safely apply Blast to any part of your page. 2) Automatic class and ID generation make text manipulation simple. 4) Blast can be fully undone with a single call. 5) All Latin alphabet languages and UTF-8 characters are supported.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Demo: http://julian.com/research/blast/
License: MIT License

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