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Giveaway: $600 Worth of Services of PSD2HTML

Posted · Category: Announcement

PSD2HTML.com is one of the most tech-savvy companies online. It is designed to help with graphic web design conversions into HTML as well as CMS such as Joomla and WordPress. This will all help to create an enhanced user experience when going on websites.

The company has a great reputation for doing amazing things. They are well-known for responsiveness, growth, and overall design, which is why many people want to do business with them. They remain on the forefront of innovation and feature a research lab that allows them to play around with all of the technology. As their motto goes, they build relationships with people, not with companies… and that makes all the difference in the world.


Right now, you have the opportunity to see what the services of PSD2HTML.com are without paying full price. There are some incredible prizes being handed out by the company right here. Three people will be fortunate enough to win a prize.

There are 3x $200 each worth of services. This means that you have the ability to win as much as $200 towards improving your site design. You can find out why so many people are raving about PSD2HTML.com because of being able to see what they can do for you using their innovative designs, creativity, and cutting edge technology.

Ready to find out how you can be one of the lucky winners? It’s easy to do! All you have to do is leave a comment in the post section and tell us what service offered by PSD2HTML.com is of interest to you. Also, tell us how you think it can change the way you do business. Winners will be chosen based upon the comments that are left. We will announce the winners on 26th July.

Winners (Updated: 26th July 2014)

1. loopion landmanu ($200)
2. Justin DiMucci ($200)
3. zanoii ($200)

  • ÐɪƸǤØ Ponce

    PSD to HTML and maybe WordPress

  • Igor

    PSD to a mobile responsive html

  • Aussie D

    psd to html without a doubt.

  • Jonathan Smith

    I’m no WordPress expert, so a PSD to WordPress service would be super-awesome and would allow me to offer some WordPress goodness to my clients!

  • Augus

    I want to see if PSD2HTML delivers the quality my company needs. I don’t always got time to slice myself and then convert it to WordPress. So instead of hiring an other person i am willing to try PSD2HTML. And if the quality is fine then i’m for sure dropping more projects there.

  • tudo75

    psd to joomla or wordpress to give me the opportunity to focus only on design

  • PSD to WordPress theme! I’ve used them a few times at work a few years ago and I would absolutely LOVE to create a one of a kind custom theme for my personal wordpress site without the headache of doing the css coding by myself.

  • When juggling so many projects at work, it would be great to have a reliable resource that could convert a design to a responsive wordpress site. This would allow me to focus on everything else and bring in more projects at a time, which would be great for business.

  • Mariusz Gałka

    PSD to HTML. I could use to my personal project.

  • Andre Firew

    PSD to HTML and WordPress for my Project

  • Ignet

    PSD to HTML. this service fits great to my web project.

  • nudirection

    PSD to HTML. I would use their freelancer service to boost our services.

  • Matei Irinel

    I need PSD to WordPress, I need one clean theme for my blog <3 I will use the theme to increase visitors by the clean and simple view.

  • Marin

    PSD to WORDPRESS. Cuts down time needed do finish project greatly…

  • frequisite

    (PSD-to-HTML, for my portfolio) I’d like my site itself to be a part of a concept and blend with my work seamlessly, and my coding skills aren’t enough to make it happen.

  • sylphdesign

    Sass conversion and responsive grid framework with seo friendly semantic coding! It’ll help me with a base framework to begin things off

  • Rob Deber

    PSD to HTML. After months of perfecting in PS, my project may finally see the light… and surprise visitors. :-)

  • When you have a project idea and that you need slicing services after your UI prototype is done it’s would boost project delivery as all would be done by PSD2HTML and on the side you can continue building (developing) your app. This let you focus on what is most important, growing your app quickly. One thing though that I would prefer to test, is their outline2design service which could be awesome when you don’t have the design skills like I do. Either way, I’m currently building a community web/mobile app on which I need both. :)

  • Guille Roz

    PSD to html using foundation would be great!

  • I’m a one-man shop. Using a service like PSD2HTML would allow me to grow my business without much overhead. Truly awesome!

  • THNKco

    Awesome! I’d be interested in their conversion for Woocommerce themes!

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