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Detects Outdated Browsers and Advises Users to Upgrade

Posted · Category: MIT License, Tools

Outdated Browser is a time saving tool for developers. It detects outdated browsers and advises users to upgrade to a new version. So, you’re tired of people visiting your modern website with an outdated browser and not doing anything about it. Maybe they aren’t “power” users, maybe it’s your auntie running a last century browser trying to see awesome CSS3 animations and transforms. Let the user know that’s an outdated browser, and advise them on a better one.

With this solution you can check if the user’s browser can handle your website. If not, it will show a cool looking notice advising the user to update the browser. It’ll be up to him/her to decide if he upgrades or not. Don’t force the user.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://outdatedbrowser.com/
License: MIT License

  • Martin Sigaard

    Great. So everyone sitting at their job where they have absolutely no saying about the company policy enforced browser can be made to feel like a jerk every time they run into this. Aint that a nice way to treat your users..

  • Bruno Seixas

    I think this is the best looking “outdated browser heads up” I have seen.
    But like all…”with great power comes great responsibility”… it has to be used wisely =)

  • It’s not about making someone feel like a jerk, it’s more about expectation management.

    If you show the outdated browser notice before the user sees a partially broken site, they know why and can complain to their manager. If you don’t show the notice, they don’t know why and they complain to the developer.

    This way you can go to your manager and say that “important website or service X we need for our business processes” does not work because of outdated company browsers. This gives your manager an argument to IT to fix the problem.

  • Looks good, but it’s really brutal (I mean fullscreen notice is quite overkill).

    It’s kind of amusing when this notice about Outdated browser look good only when you’re _not_ using outdated browser (which is the target audience.. :)

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