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RandomColor.js – Random Color Generator for JavaScript

Posted · Category: Color Schemes, MIT License

There are lots of clever one-liners for generating random colors. Unfortunately, They usually produces lots of greys and browns and murky greens.

RandomColor generates attractive colors by default. More specifically, randomColor produces bright colors with a reasonably high saturation. This makes randomColor particularly useful for data visualizations and generative art. RandomColor is a color generator for JavaScript.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Demo: http://llllll.li/randomColor/
License: MIT License

1 Comment
  • ern0

    Good idea, I hate creating color palettes. There are lot of palette generator tools, but I don’t like them. As Unix user, I don’t like GUIs where they’re not necessary. Administrating Windows is nightmare, you have to open settings/configuration tab/right mouse button/properties/etc/x/y/z to change an IP address, while in Linux, it can be done with a single command (which I can include in a script, etc. etc.)

    I have also written a small JS library for similar purpose, also it uses no random seed, but requires only a base color and some parameters for generating gradients, even complex ones. It uses HSL color space, so you don’t have to deal with RGB: http://linkbroker.hu/stuff/kolorwheel.js/

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