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Create Parallax Scrolling Sites Without Writing Code – Webydo

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The popular B2B web design studio, Webydo continues to create quite the stir amongst the web design community and is making waves again – this time with their release of the first code-free Parallax Scrolling Animator. Webydo is an advanced online web design studio for creative professionals that allows for pixel perfect accurate web creation and incredible features for designers to take advantage of without having to know how to code. And now Webydo’s users can once again reach new heights in their web designs with the ability to create parallax scrolling websites, code-free.

One unique feature of Webydo is that it provides users with a voice through their Participation panel on which designers can make suggestions, vote on these posts, and then watch Webydo take action on the most popular ones. Parallax scrolling was one of the most popular feature suggestions that Webydo pushed to the top of its list. Still in closed beta and Webydo is inviting the first 8,000 designers who sign up in the next seven days to join the closed beta program. Invites will go quick, so hurry up and get yours before they are gone. Just last week Webydo offered 2,000 invites to their community, which ran out in the first 1.5 hours, so don’t miss out on the chance to be part of web design history.


Take a look at the details below to see just how perfectly Webydo’s code-free parallax scrolling feature works seamlessly in line with the rest of its design studio. Then get ready to join the rest of the professional design community who had previously been limited in their ability to offer parallax websites to clients until now.


Add the Appearance of Depth

In the past year or so, parallax scrolling has steadily grown in popularity as a trend. At one point, it was a heavy, overdone design style, but it has now balanced out as a way to add interest through the appearance of depth. Parallax scrolling doesn’t actually add 3D, only the illusion of it due to background elements moving at a different speed than elements in the foreground. Because parallax works when users scroll through the site, it also adds engagement and interaction to a design, drawing site visitors in long enough to make a lasting impression.


Customize Motion Paths

But is the parallax scrolling animator really that customizable? This one truly is. With the same pixel-by-pixel accuracy as the rest of the suite, the parallax scrolling feature allows designers to add elements that move as the user scrolls through the site. Webydo designers can easily control every aspect of the effect, too, by tweaking the speed, rotation, trajectory, and even transparency of each element.


Feel Inspired by the Stunning Interface

Webydo really has done an excellent job of designing an interface that looks amazing. Just browsing through the studio inspires users to create beautiful websites, especially since the interface is WYSIWYG so that designers can see exactly how the design will appear once live. The entire canvas could be compared to the sleekness of Adobe’s design suites. The parallax scrolling animator fits right in, too with the same classy feel as the rest of the studio and found in an easy-to-access location with the other features.

Webydo really is a design studio created by designers for designers. As it continues listening to its users and implementing functionalities they need, it will continue to carve its place at the top of the industry. For now, check out its already amazing features, and don’t forget to sign up for an invitation to join the parallax scrolling Beta testers.

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