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PrestaShop v1.6 Released with More Awesome Features

Posted · Category: eCommerce

PrestaShop is one of the top e-commerce opportunities online. Many people are looking to be able to sell products online and this is one of the most convenient means of accomplishing such a goal. PrestaShop can be downloaded for free and there is a lot of different themes that can be chosen, allowing people to create the best look for their online store.

PrestaShop boasts over 300 dynamic features to be used. This includes the ability to leave product reviews, zoom in on products, and even integrate the store into CRM for the effect of better marketing campaigns. PrestaShop is also free, which makes it that much more beneficial to download.



Version 1.6 has recently been released, which offers a responsive back office as well as built-in analytics. With the analytics, it’s possible to learn more about the people who are browsing the website, where they came from, and what products they are looking at. This information can help with marketing so that campaigns provide a higher ROI.

The community with PrestaShop is another reason to take advantage of the e-commerce solution. There are more than 600,000 members within the community and this helps to keep the software free and provide solutions to those who want to take their online retailing site to a higher level.

With the responsive design, a storefront can be created so that it looks great on any device. Considering that more people are engaging in online shopping on their smartphone and tablet, it’s an important feature to have.

KPIs are intelligent and tell people what they need to know to make more effective decisions on how they operate their business. This includes learning about the percentage of abandoned carts, what the best-selling products are, and even details about the demographics, such as the percentage of male versus female shoppers.

Big Community

New technology is constantly found throughout PrestaShop and this is ultimately why it’s grown to become one of the top choices in ecommerce software platforms. There are over 160,000 online stores being powered by PrestaShop and it is used in more than 160 countries. The company has won a number of awards and is dedicated to research and development.

Free for Download

For anyone who is shopping for a viable solution for e-commerce, PrestaShop is a powerful one that is free to download and contains an array of features to help increase sales and view profits in an instant. It’s fully customizable and the templates make it easy to build a great looking online store in no time.

  • I hope the brand new version of Prestashop 1.6 is much better than 1.5. My experience is that Magento is much better to handle orders and update prices etc. which is extremely important if you have 15 or more orders each day.
    But maybe its fixed in the brand new version of 1.6. Give it a try :)

  • Hey Jens,

    could you elaborate a little more?

    (thanks for letting us know about the update)

  • Ps used to be a mess to work with. Updates were a pain, Ui was really hard to work with for end-users, and the system was pretty slow …
    Will have a try on this 1.6 but still have doubts

  • fadlisaad

    I’m new to Prestashop. After years of managing store (backend) with magento, this is the next best thing I’ve ever try. Magento is powerful, but too resource hogging, especially the database. As magento didn’t support merchant account by default, I’m giving Prestashop a try now

  • All new feature are updated for this time. It’s give you benefit in short time.

  • seosamba

    Prestashop is less than intuitive in terms of content management. You need plug-ins to fix SEO among other things. Our organization has built SeoToaster 2.2 eCommerce to address this and ascalability issues. It has a modern interface like a Shopify on stereoids, a powerful inline CMS, and is free and open source. http://www.seotoaster.com/e-commerce-site-builder.html

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