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Seen.js Renders 3D Scenes into SVG or HTML5 Canvas

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Seen.js renders 3D scenes into SVG or HTML5 Canvas. Seen.js contains a simple abstraction on top of the graphics capabilities of SVG and HTML5 Canvas elements. All of the other components of this library are agnostic to the type of context it will be rendered in.

Seen.js contains a looping, event-firing class for animating scenes. The render context contains a method .animate() which will create and return an animator that is set up to invoke the context’s .render() method. To modify the scene on every frame, listen to the ‘beforeRender’ event.

Seen.js includes adapters for mouse rotation and mousewheel zooming. For best results, use a quaternion to create a rotation matrix from the x,y movement of the mouse. The zoom adapter directly returns a scale factor that can be applied to your scene’s model.


Requirements: JavaScript frameworks
Demo: http://seenjs.io/
License: Apache 2.0 License

  • thanks guys, had no idea this existed – going to play around with it as soon as possible. from the initial test, it does seem to put a little bit of strain on the computing power…fan sounds like an old-school tractor. haha

  • rysliv

    Would be nice to know how to fill these to the size of the browsers viewport. If you even bother to change the width or height from pixels to anything else, nothing works.

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