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Framework7 – HTML Framework for Building iOS7 Apps

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Framework7 is a full Featured HTML Framework For Building iOS7 Apps. Framework7 allows you to be flexible with list views (table views). You can make them as navigation menus, you can use there icons, inputs, and any elements inside of the list, and even make them nested.

Because Framework7 uses Ajax for navigation between pages you will need a server. So to make it work you should put dist folder (or Kitchen Sink) on a server. Or, as an option, you may use Grunt’s server. Framework7 is on early development stage, so many things may be changed and sorted in a short time.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.idangero.us/framework7/
License: MIT License

1 Comment
  • webserveis

    Actually this fabulos framework in IOS
    Phonegap + Framework7 = Applications Powerful

    Thank you discover this resource

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