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BrowserQuest – An HTML5 Multiplayer Experiment

Posted · Category: Information

BrowserQuest is an HTML5 massively multiplayer experiment. The mission was to showcase HTML5 gaming and WebSockets, a new technology allowing to create real-time web apps, games and more.

BrowserQuest is a tribute to classic video-games with a multiplayer twist. You play as a young warrior driven by the thrill of adventure. No princess to save here, just a dangerous world filled with treasures to discover. And it’s all done in glorious HTML5 and JavaScript. Even better, it’s open-source so be sure to check out the source code on GitHub.


Requirements: HTML5 Framework
Demo: http://browserquest.mozilla.org/
License: MPL 2.0 License

  • Interesting Game.

  • John Collins

    this one has been out a while now

  • Stefan Salvatore

    In this game it is easy to win all the stages..You must make it difficult and add some other features..
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