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Sculpt – A Mobile First and Responsive Framework

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Sculpt is a lightweight, mobile first, responsive HTML, CSS and SASS framework. It has been written to cater for devices with small screen sizes first, with more complexity being added through media queries as screen real-estate increases. With three grid sizes (732px, 960px and 1140px) built in and active depending on your device’s screen size you can be sure your content will be well presented no matter the conditions.

Users with Internet Explorer 8 and no Javascript support will see the mobile version of your website, and so there will always be a degree of usability ensured. Internet Explorer 8 is the oldest browser Sculpt supports. Sculpt has been built from the ground up using SASS (.scss) and is at its most flexible and powerful when using the included .scss stylesheets and variables.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.heartinternet.co.uk/sculpt
License: Creative Commons License

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    An important sharing for us. I really liked it and thanking you for.

  • When it comes to web development this tool becomes very essential especially now that users are more fond of browsing through different platform. Thanks for sharing, this can be added up to a more organized and effective development.

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