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Babbit: A Browser Game Built on CraftyJS & RequireJS

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Babbit is a browser game made by Hover Studio. The game is built on the Javascript game framework CratfyJS, and uses RequireJS for module loading. All the character animation in the game is sprite-based and utilizes Crafty’s sprite animation framework. UI animation is handled using CSS3 transitions. As the game is built using web technologies it works on modern webkit based browsers including Safari, Chrome and iPad.

The game uses an arcade-style side scrolling mechanic. You play by moving Babbit up and down using your keyboard so he can eat as many of the Farmer’s carrots as possible. It’s not all fun and games though: the Farmer has left dynamite in the field which you need to steer clear of lest Babbit meets a grizzly end.


Source: http://hoverstud.io/babbit/

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