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The Simple API for Google Analytics Dashboard

Posted · Category: Charts, License Free

OOcharts is the Simple API for Google Analytics. It is an awesome little project that makes it easy to embed and share Google Analytics data through charts. API Keys are created to give access to certain Google Analytics profiles. For every request to OOcharts, you will need a valid API Key.

They queue your requests that would normally exceed the Google Analytics™ API limits to ensure you get your data fast and reliably. They also cache requests so you don’t have to waste time waiting for the same report you asked for a couple seconds ago. As soon as you connect your Google™ profile and make an API Key for your site, you can start getting data. You can fork OOcharts on Github too.


Requirements: JavaScript Enabled
Demo: http://oocharts.com/
License: License Free

  • Jane T

    Great piece! But why not just use a pre-built dashboard tool like Cyfe.com instead? Wouldn’t it be much easier?

  • Tyler Shaddix

    Hey Jane, great question! OOcharts really shines when you have a situation where you need to share your data with a public audience, or if you need to embed the dashboard in a client’s site. If you are just keeping analytics for your own account, then these super charged dashboard applications (like Cyfe) are a great option.

  • Jane T

    Thanks, Tyler. But from what I know Cyfe.com can do this as well. They allow you to create “public urls” and embed dashboards into client sites.

  • Tyler Shaddix

    Very cool! I see this is a promoter account for Cyfe, so good luck over there.

  • Jane T

    I’m actually just a user. In any case, compliments on the great piece! :)

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