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Interactive DOM Manipulation with Ractive.js

Posted · Category: MIT License, Tools

HTML is an amazing language for creating static documents, but it was never designed for interactive web apps. Many libraries try to get round HTML’s limitations, but very few tackle them head on. Ractive.js is different. It solves some of the biggest headaches in web development – data binding, efficient DOM updates, event handling – and does so with almost no learning curve.

How? By changing the relationship between HTML and JavaScript. Before, HTML was an inert substance that you would breathe life into. Now, it’s a blueprint for an app that’s interactive by default. There are several killer features, such as expressions with dependency tracking, animations, two-way binding, SVG support and more. To get a feel for what’s possible with Ractive.js.


Requirements: JavaScript
Demo: http://www.ractivejs.org/
License: MIT License

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