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Giveaway $500 Gift Voucher of Microlancer

Posted · Category: Announcement

Microlancer was developed with the view that purchasing freelance services should be easy, free of surprises and enjoyable. They have worked hard to create a platform that gives the buyers easy access to thousands of digital services across the creative spectrum, while giving the service providers the space and control they need to do their best work in a safe environment.

Microlancer is part of the trusted Envato network of sites. Microlancer helps you get digital creative jobs done, no matter how simple or small. The service providers do incredible work on everything from business cards to book covers to logo design.

Microlancer is very kind to give away $500 gift voucher to our readers. You can use the gift voucher to purchase any services on the site. Just leave a comment below to tell us which service on Micolancer you like most and how you plan to use it in order to be eligible to win. We will pick the winner with the best answer and announce the result on 4th August 2013. Best of luck.


  • Mariusz Gałka

    I like Web Design & UI – when i win voucher i will use this form my projects :)

  • Tina Ng

    Game development has always been my hobby, but the deeper I delve into it, the more I feel limited to do both programming and drawing for a game simultaneously. Since my background contains more programming knowledge than art, I will most likely consult with the game art related services from Microlancer, such as concept art, character design and 3D modelling, with potential to network with the artists for further grahical jobs that my games may require.

  • Ali Fahmi

    I love the stationary design section as well as one page web design ~ I am currently establishing small class in web development to poor kids and orphans, so If I have the resource I can provide awesome samples to my pupils and gives them infinite, eternal quality inspirations! Hope that they can be as good or better than those in Microlancer :)

  • Jackie Hedeman

    I really love the Web Design and UI. I’m currently working on a project and would find this so hopefully in our creativity department. I was looking for a freelancer, and this looks like the way to do it

  • Toinus

    Microlancer is very well designed and the service seems to be serious. I plan to use it for my next project to design its logotype. Would be great to win this voucher ;)

  • Laur

    Grate news for me and a hope, in one month i want to start an local forum for my city, so my interest for Microlancer si for “Logos and Web Designs”. I hope to win it :D.

  • PraveenGowda

    Logo Design Services

  • Jerry

    I would use Web Design and UI

  • I’m a front end developer who is no good at logos :)

    If I won I would most definitely use the Logo services offered, and possibly one of the corporate design service as well.


  • david

    30% platform fee for service providers!!

    Seems a tiny bit steep; no?

  • Saeed Ghofrani

    We are educational web services providers and we develop kindergarten, school, university and academy website systems .
    We want to design a responsive one page select language homepage for our projects and if we win the gift we will use it for requesting a professional design .


  • Dan Qirun Lin

    I would use Web Design and E-mail Newsletter Design

  • I’m readying an app I built (http://den.io) for a proper beta introduction and it desperately needs a logo with more character.

  • I like Web Design & UI for my Web Apps

  • Misha Tatinets

    Will I be lucky this time?

  • RaulGuichard

    I would like mascot designed for my ecommerce site to connect better with the clients

  • Pablo Rey

    i wish a one page site with a presentation, using something like scrollama, about the evolution of web pages, and may be the rise of some GPL applications (specially WordPress)

  • Ignet

    tough to decide, which one is the best… but i would like to win it :)

  • ben

    I like the t-shirt design service :-)

  • João Henrique

    I would like to have a logo design

  • nha

    I’m looking for a person to join me into making top secret real-time collaborative application :) The core system is at the POC state, but I’m terrible at doing UI things…

    This way I could try to find someone to begin the UI job, and maybe find a potential code buddy :p

  • BigScaryDuck

    Love the fact that they seem to be productizing freelance work, would be great to use this for simple Logos, Single Webpages, and Icons.

  • Uttapong Ruangrit

    I’d like characters design for my site. I’m working on an e-commerce project an need a character or two to emphasize it.

  • Augustine Joseph

    Micro lancer is a fantastic service that my friend’s company
    is using and he has is really happy with the people there.

    I am developing some websites and mobile apps using Sencha
    Touch to create app for android, iphone and blackberry app world.

    You may think why I am not using Micro lancer even though I
    like their service. I am doing these developments in a small scale with very
    less investment.

    So I am not using any designing service has using the design by
    my own.

    I like Macro lancer’s app icon design which will really
    helpful for me to use the icons for my Mobile apps. The icon is the first
    impression for any app and I will use this service to create good icons for my
    mobile app.


  • Rappic

    6 Months ago, we published (and still publishing monthly) free Magazine (E Magazine) in Burmese language about Web Dev. Which has average 20000 downloads each month.

    But We don’t have real designer for Cover Design. That’s why I need some services from Microlancer.

    I found great services in Microlancer.

    Good Jobs Microlancer

  • mamcx

    Working right now in a new point of sale app. I wish to use help for the User interface design of the app. I’m a solo developer so have someone with design skills is a necessity for me.

    Have a good design and UX is a must in the app store, and my users prospect will be mainly first time iOS users!

    BTW, I’m a provider for coding services in micro lancer too!

  • Lauris BH

    I would really want to get good looking logo finally

  • Morris Aldrin Rivera

    I’m editing the free website theme from microlancer and its easy to use . I am glad I have the chance to use there theme .

  • Justin

    I am interested in using the website design packages for my new site. Also, I was very interested in getting video intros and outros for my YouTube videos. Overall, I believe that they offer quality products. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Andrei

    Logo design, of course.

  • jnajerat

    I would love to get a Logo re-design!

  • Heiko Krebs

    I really liked the vector illustrations of rockyon, great work! It would be great to work with him on 1 or 2 illustrations for a landingpage of my newly launched webapp!

  • Phaneendra Bitra

    I was recently looking for a good creative responsive web design with some cartoon illustrations. Gone through the Microlancer and found many freelancers who did similar quality stuff. I would love to utilize this opportunity to get my idea into life using these responsive web design & illustration services from Microlancer

  • Yu Yu

    It’s hard to find an affordable logo design around. Microlancer definitely makes things easier to move forward :)

  • Faisal Basra

    I would like to WIN

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