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100% Free and Open Source E-Commerce Solution

Posted · Category: eCommerce, MIT License

Sylius project provides a full stack e-commerce solution. In further parts of The Book you’ll learn how to master it and develop your next project really quickly. Sylius provides a complete webshop solution and some of features include:

  • Flexible product catalog, with multiple variants per product, options, properties (think attributes) and protypes.
  • Categorization engine, which allows you to categorize the products under various taxonomies, by “Brand”, “Category” or whatever you imagine.
  • Inventory tracking system, where you can track every single unit of your inventory or disable tracking at all.
  • Powerful shipping with configurable shipping categories, item sizes, weight, shipments management and customizable cost calculators.
  • Taxation engine, with support for many different tax categories, rates and zones.
  • Orders system allowing you to easily create and manage sales, with super-flexible adjustments which can serve many different purposes, from taxation & shipping to promotions and manual order total changes.
  • Customizable checkout process, built from reusable steps.

And best of all, Sylius is 100% free and open source − and they intend for it to stay that way.


Requirements: PHP and Symfony2 Framework
Demo: http://sylius.com/
License: MIT License

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