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Easily Start Responsive Websites with Sassaparilla

Posted · Category: CC License, Framework

Sassaparilla is a set of default rules and style that starts everything we do at fffunction in a consistent manner. It’s not a boilerplate or a theme. Sarsaparilla on the other hand, is a nice refreshing root beer. Sassaparilla uses the power of Sass via SCSS and Compass to create flexible stylesheets that we can re-use and add to over time.

Compass is a library of common elements, equations and helper styles that is kept up-to-date by a community of developers and is useful for rapid development and leaner code. Both Sass and Compass are Ruby Gems and will need to be installed via command line or terminal. You can compile using a GUI like Codekit or go hardcore and just use command line. Either way it’s pretty easy to get up and running.


Requirements: Sass and Compass Library
Demo: http://sass.fffunction.co/
License: Creative Commons License

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