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Giveaway 10x Atmail Cloud Accounts for Free

Posted · Category: Announcement

Atmail has just had a awesome new version rollout for the Atmail cloud, this includes an all new WebUI, Storage capabilities, improved Admin and HW/performance upgrades in the backend.

Email, Calendars and Contacts in sync across all devices. Step-by-step wizards to create email addresses for any domain. Automatically generated client setup guides. 1-click iOS install for iPhone and iPad. Intuitive UI that users love. Easy to use graphical admin. It all helps reduce support calls.


Atmail Cloud service is suitable for SMB + resellers who are looking for an alternative to Gmail, or users wanting to move their on-premise email solution to the cloud. You can signup here as a trial user 20 users are allocated (10GB quota each) for 14-days.

Atmail is very kind to giveaway 10 free accounts (5 users each) for one year to our readers. Just leave a comment below in order to win this contest. We will pick 10 readers and announce the results on 16th Feb 2013. Best of luck.

  • Mariusz Gałka

    One for me… :)

  • Sergio Gonzalez

    Will test it for sure… and one for me also (please) ;)

  • StarZ3r0

    One for me pls :) Thx

  • i would like to use it. one for me too :)

  • z2z

    thanks! sounds nice!

  • love atmail – I was using opensource version of it for a while

  • Frédéric Honoré

    I’d like to test it also, thanks :)

  • Frédéric Honoré

    I’d like to test it also, thanks :)

  • Erik Boon

    one for me please :)

  • Guest

    Here I am, the reader who got a free year at Atmail via webappers! thx!

  • Would love to win this one!

  • Evert Semeijn

    Wow, that would a great to win!

  • I’d like have Atmail

  • Adam Anlauf

    Nice one! Love to win

  • Andre Filipe

    If I could live without Atmail? I could, but, wouldn’t be the same thing…

  • I would like to have one, it’s inspiring the design of Atmail

  • Good One for SMB’s…..

  • Good One for SMB’s…..

  • Yes, i want one please.

  • Jay

    Please count me in. A very useful and productive app thats right for me.

  • Jordi

    I want it! :)

  • I’d like to give it a try.

  • Count me in.

  • let me try it!

  • Andrei

    Finally this can be something what it will make me switch from Gmail.

  • Andrei

    Finally this can be something what it will make me switch from Gmail.

  • disqus_nEpli9CDG7

    Nice. I’m in for the draw. ^_^

  • toddbudnikas

    Sweet, thanks!

  • Nathan Mickler

    I’ve used this product before for customers and would love the chance to use the most recent version myself.

  • Count me in!

  • Roberto

    Very sweet deal. Luck be Lady today!!

  • Sven Garber

    Thank you – for your work on this great resource.. use it most every day!! Cheers!

  • kameltovic

    Great idea! Thank you

  • AlexisGodschalk

    This mail client looks great, honestly it something I need what I have just does not do the job. I love to have AtMail :)

  • Gianmarco

    Yeah! Here i am! :)

  • i want it.

  • Yuvaraj Thiagarajan

    I would like to try… Please count me in for the draw as well…

  • Would like to try it ;) I am in!

  • Looks fab – count me in for winning (hopefully) :-)

  • lcd

    Looks cool! … more info on the website would have been great, looks like something that our clients could use….

  • fadlisaad

    Being one of the early tester, this is the best web based email client, apart from Google. the interface was slick, and setting a preference was straight forward. Looking forward for a greater features.

  • Starting up a new small company – could use this for sure. Thanks!

  • Been with GMail from the start, looking for the next thing.

  • cool

  • Tom Bamford

    It’s a great tool, been looking at it for charity I volunteer as IT director for. Things lacking were admin not being able to set forwarding email for accounts, and lack of integration between its webmail and calendar.
    But great refreshing tool!

  • Andrei

    I’m currently using Google Apps, which is still free for old accounts but would love to try something new.

  • Cade Collister

    Would love to try something new!

  • Gonik

    I’d really would like to see what it’s about! :)

  • Graube

    Turum Purum

  • YAY! Let’s try!

  • noice!!

  • danalloway

    looks especially interesting for SMB, I’ve been looking for a good brand-able email service for my handful of clients, this looks especially good.
    may have to give their trial a whirl.
    Thanks for the write-up!!!

  • RaulGuichard

    It looks nice

  • awesome

  • That would a great to win! I’m in.

  • I’m in. :)

  • Count me in!

  • wites

    it looks great across devices. ^^

  • Jimmy Westberg

    Webappers always give me new information about stuff regarding web dev. I implement alot of them in my daily work. Please put in a ball with my name on it!

  • Николай Юрий П

    Am wildly fiercely requesting

  • Oh, I’d love to get a shot at winning! Count me in :D.

  • Philipp Nellen

    i would like to try this software. It looks amazing.

  • Guest

    That would be cool…

  • love atmail – I was using opensource

    ืnice idea

  • chintan39

    I seriously want to try this out

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