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An Open Source Full-Featured e-Commerce Platform

Posted · Category: eCommerce

Forward is a full-featured, developer centric e-commerce platform that makes custom code easy, with powerful templates & expressive syntax. Every business needs a custom admin interface to fit its process. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding one more field to the shipment page and packing slip. Not having it leads to expensive workarounds or lost revenue.

It should be easy to build or customize your admin interface. Forward is built exactly the same way you would build a front-end store template, without complex programming. Design is important here too, so it’s developed with Twitter Bootstrap to make things easier. Combined with MongoDB by default, it’s now easier than ever to customize admin screens without complex schemas, or database migrations.

It is scheduled for public release in 2013. The code will be 100% free forever. You can also take a look at other eCommerce Solutions we mentioned some time ago.


Requirements: PHP, MongoDB
Demo: http://getfwd.com/
License: Apache License

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