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Create Multi-Platform Desktop Apps with HTML, CSS & JS

Posted · Category: Framework

TideSDK is the new standard for creating beautiful and unique desktop apps using your web development skills. You can easily create multi-platform desktop apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. TideSDK’s versatility allows you to couple your favorite web technologies with TideSDK’s powerful API to build native cross-platform desktop apps.

Use a simple and familiar API (accessible in the DOM) to reach the system and native desktop UI’s. Harness the resources of the host to create capable apps that use its full potential. TideSDK is open source and is committed to incubating the technologies of tomorrow. A strong community behind TideSDK results in the best support a developer could wish for.


Requirements: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
Demo: http://www.tidesdk.org/
License: Apache License

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