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Experiments with Face Detection and Webcam Video

Posted · Category: Capture, License Free

With the getUser­Me­dia API, a video ele­ment, a can­vas ele­ment and LiuLiu’s excel­lent face detec­tion algo­rithm, we can eas­ily play around with web­cam video data in the browser, plug-in free.

Paul Hayes, the developer at Last.fm has created two fun exper­i­ments with face detection, canvas and webcam video. One places a mask over your face as you move and another that attempts to scale con­tent based on your dis­tance from the screen.

The face detec­tion only works some of the time. With busy back­grounds or low light con­di­tions the detec­tion fails more often. Some­times the wrong area is detected, which can lead to rad­i­cal and jar­ring shifts in the scale. Per­haps a rolling aver­age would be a bet­ter indi­ca­tion, alas he hasn’t built that.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.paulrhayes.com/2012-11/fun-with-face-detection…
License: License Free

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