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CSSrefresh Monitors CSS Files Included in Your Pages

Posted · Category: GPL License, MIT License, Tools

CSSrefresh is a small, unobstructive javascript file that monitors the CSS-files included in your webpage. As soon as you save a CSS-file, the changes are directly implemented, without having to refresh your browser.

When you’re coding a website, nothing can be more frustrating than having to switch from the texteditor to the browser over and over again, just for small changes to occur. With CSSrefresh installed, all the included stylesheets are automatically refreshed directly after you save them. Using CSSrefresh is easy. You can either include the javascript-file in your webpage, or use the bookmarklet.


Requirements: –
Download Link: http://cssrefresh.frebsite.nl/
License: MIT, GPL License

  • Is a good option but not so good than livereload :-)

  • Good alternative but I will stick with Sublime and LiveReload as well…

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