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20 Enviable eCommerce Stores for Inspiration

Posted · Category: eCommerce, Inspiration

Ecommerce stores have etched themselves in the heart and mind of modern consumers. They have changed the way we used to shop, and for some people they have made it easier to buy happiness. And every other day we see some ecommerce stores taking birth; we see the rise of some and the fall of some. Some, as we all know, have become apparently evergreen.

Needless to say, the future is ecommerce – whether it’s done on mobile, tablet or desktop. So, here’s to some inspirational, enviable ecommerce stores!

1. ebay


No story of ecommerce is complete without eBay. It has also given small businesses the opportunity to sell their products without creating a site of their own.

2. Nike


Nike’s is possibly the most attractive online store. It has a lot of call-to-action quotient in it.

3. Amazon


Another great example of a mega online store, Amazon is very popular with the users thanks to its user-friendliness. In fact, Amazon gives the best mobile shopping experience of them all, reveals a recent survey.

4. Sony


Sony, as we all know, is one of the consumer electronics giants. The thing to notice about its estore is the use of color and graphics in it.

5. Cellar Thief

Cellar Thief

This is a perfect example of creative web design. Take a note of the way the online store has been themed around a cellar.

6. Shoe Guru

Shoe Guru

Look at the simplicity in the design of this website. Isn’t it interesting? This serves as the biggest selling point for the store.

7. Flipkart


This is one of the largest India-based ecommerce stores – simple yet attractive.

8. Hiut Denhim Co.

Hiut Denhim Co.

A very bold representation of ecommerce web design, this estore is ideal if you have few products to sell and want to make a striking presentation.

9. Les Galantes

Les Galantes

Made in Flash, this ecommerce is one of its kind. The font type, size and navigation are some things that you should take note of in this store.

10. Madsen Cycles

Madsen Cycles

Simplicity in layout is the biggest selling point of this site.

11. Identitee


Great use of colors and shades in this site is the thing that acts as the biggest crowd puller.

12. 7 Diamonds

7 Diamonds

This is a typical online store, known for its user-friendliness in design and functionality.

13. Nooka


When you have a large product inventory, this is the design you can look out for.

14. Sucre


This store has used color in a great way which grabs attention of users immediately.

15. DSW


Bold use of colors and a simple user interface are the highlights of this ecommerce store.

16. DNA 11

DNA 11

Here is a great example of Flash and HTML being used together in a website.

17. Hard Graft

Hard Graft

Great experiment with the store layout grabs the visitor’s attention immediately.

18. Rachel Comey Men

Rachel Comey Men

This is a very bold experiment with an ecommerce web design.

19. Life & Home

Life & Home

This is a perfect example of how to make use of white spaces in your online store.

20. Eastworks Leather Company

Eastworks Leather Company

A no-nonsense design is the USP of this store.

The above examples clearly show the importance of design when it comes to an ecommerce store. As the saying goes “first impression is the last impression”, you need to grab the attention of the visitor immediately with an attractive ecommerce store design.

About the Author

Rohit Singhal is an online marketer working with PixelCrayons, a web development firm that specializes in eCommerce Web Development. You may hire developers here for your ecommerce storefront management and maintenance.

  • I see no Apple Store here :p
    Do you think they fell behind their competitors this time?

  • Rohit Singhal

    Hi Michele,

    You must have noticed that I missed out Samsung as well — likewise you can dig out many others. The basic idea behind this post was to mention some renowned online stores and then move on to others that are striving to be renowned and are doing considerably well. :)

  • Simplicity sells! Thanks for putting together this list, we’ll share it with our users.

  • Sw

    I agree the apple store should be the bench mark for simplicity, http://fici.in is another interesting one.

  • Amazon stays one of most favorite of all time for me. Though it may not be best of buying everything it has a big user community that provides dozens of reviews along with the product details. All other site fail in getting to that lever with product reviews.

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