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An Interesting Concept for Modal Boxes and Popups

Posted · Category: MIT License, Popup

Avgrund.js is a jQuery plugin for modal boxes and popups. It uses interesting concept showing depth between popup and page.

It works in all modern browsers and gracefully degrade in those that do not support CSS transitions and transformations (e.g. in IE 6-9 has standard behavior). It has been tested with jQuery 1.4+. And it is lightweight, file size is under 2Kb. It is licensed under MIT License.


Requirements: jQuery framework
Demo: http://labs.voronianski.com/jquery.avgrund.js/
License: MITLicense

  • Rob Morris

    Not so interesting. Effect is odd when page is fully viewed, and there are visual edge-effects during “pop” and once fully popped due to what must be assumed are rounding errors in the math or presentation engine.

  • Definitely in next project.

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