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A Browser Based App for Experimenting with Type

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Typecast is a new browser based app for accurate and standards-based typography on the web. It’s a brand-new tool for designers and art directors that clearly renders your type designs, creates good CSS, and provides you with smooth controls over every detail.

You can try and combine over 23,000 web fonts, and compare looks side-by-side. Expand type pairs into fully scaled, kerned, colourised and web-ready stacks of real content using simple visual controls. Make project-wide changes in mere seconds thanks to CSS Styles. No screenshotting. No recaptures. Just iteration at the speed of inspiration.

Unfortunately, Typecast is now in BETA stage. The good news is they are sending out 500 invitations for free every week.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://beta.typecastapp.com/experiment-with-type
License: License Free

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