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A Pretty Animated Percentage Loader jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: BSD License, Upload

jQuery.PercentageLoader is a jQuery plugin for displaying a progress widget in more visually striking way than the ubiquitous horizontal progress bar / textual counter. Installation and use is quick and simple.

It makes use of HTML 5 canvas for a rich graphical appearance with only a 10kb (minified) javascript file necessary (suggested web font optional), using vectors rather than images so can be easily deployed at various sizes. It is open source released under BSD licensed.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://widgets.better2web.com/loader/
License: BSD License

  • Aviaialon

    really cool!

  • Abhijit

    So similar to jQuery knob…

  • The demo does not work on IE6, IE7, IE8. It works with IE9

  • Ali Emre Çakmakoğlu

    IE’s versions that are less than 9 do not support HTML5 fully. That’s why it is normal not to work on IE6-7-8.

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