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Open Source Forum Software in PHP and MySQL

Posted · Category: GPL License, Social

esoTalk is free, open-source Internet forum software written in PHP and MySQL. It is intent on being extremely simple, fast, and modern, containing all of the essential features a forum might need, and a powerful plugin system allowing developers to extend it in any way they like.

esoTalk has been built from the ground up to take advantage of modern web technologies and provide the perfect balance between simplicity, power, speed, and scalability. It is released under GPL 2 License.


Requirements: PHP and MySQL
Demo: http://esotalk.org/
License: GPL License

  • Bob

    esotalk.org is offline :(

  • Jorge Asch

    Too bad their webpage has been down all day.

  • Jorge Asch

    Too bad their webpage has been down all day.

  • Your demo link to esotalk.org appears to be experiencing some difficulties.

  • Hate to say it because it looks pretty nice but I see a whole bunch of actual and potential exploits..

    Also seems not to be developed actively anymore.

    There are forks on github so if you like it I’d start there. Might have to get into it because as I said – it is nice and has lots of potential.

  • mr-bom

    Jear i use it my new forum

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