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Create Thumbnails Easily with jQuery NailThumb Plugin

Posted · Category: Capture, GPL License

jQuery NailThumb helps you create thumbnails easily from high-res images, without any distortion, with one line of code. You can even decide thumbnail dimensions directly from CSS. Integrates prefectly with any media gallery, even more usefull in dynamic web application when you can face any shape or size.

If you want to add avatars to your application, it’s easier to use this plugin to let them fit any size you need, rather than to develop a functionality that restrict your user to upload avatars of the right size/sizes.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.garralab.com/nailthumb.php
License: GPL License

  • marcello

    a client-side resizer isn’t that useful, you still have to download the hi-res version of the images. and that wastes memory and bandwidth. and it also takes up quite some CPU time.

    imagine a popular comment thread with a hundred comments, each with its own resized avatar.

  • Scott

    I agree with Marcello, not to mention the claim of “without any distortion” is quite bold. You’re scaling down, which means you’re using less pixels, which means there is indeed distortion. If somebody had a pixel perfect repeating pattern this would become quite obvious.

  • It works great, however, PNG file won’t work…

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