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Giveaway 3 x Annual Professional ManageWP Licenses

Posted · Category: Announcement

Are you using WordPress to mange multiple blogs of your own? If so, you may find ManageWP very useful when maintaining your blogs everyday. You do not need to login to each of your WordPress sites individually anymore.


ManageWP is a state-of-the-art management tool that enables users to quickly and easily Manage, Monitor, Backup, Deploy, Publish, and Secure any number of WordPress sites. ManageWP has just surpassed 100,000 managed websites recently as well.

It has been designed for WordPress users by WordPress users, and ManageWP aims to be the only quintessential management dashboard that users will ever need to take back control of all their WordPress sites. You can also upgrade WordPress, plugins and themes across all of your sites with just the click of a button.

In this giveaway, 3 lucky readers will get Annual Professional License worth $486 each, which is available for WordPress user with up to 25 WordPress sites.

Just leave a comment below by suggesting a best new feature for ManageWP in order to win this contest. ManageWP will pick 3 readers with the best comments and announce the results on 19th March 2012. Best of luck.

  • Uwe

    Whats about the integration of an better Plugin Serach like http://searchwpplugins.com/

  • Very useful add-on to the already great ManageWP would be mobile apps, I am a Android user, and I find it that WordPress app for Android is fantastic, but it lacks the possibilities and features offered by ManageWP.
    I would also like to see some themes, plugins…, offered to me on the ManageWP Install theme page.

  • Don

    Hey thanks Uwe for recommending http://searchwpplugins.com

    I’d be happy to talk to the talk to the WPManage people about providing a backend service to support a remote implementation of the SearchWPPlugins search. Also, have a lot of ideas for features around plugin management.
    Don from SearchWPPlugins

  • better support for sites with caching system (nginx)

  • Jan Bosman

    I would love the ability to be able to link multiple membership sites through ManageWP (syncing access permissions and user tables), such as aMember, Wishlist, the upcoming Memberful, etc…

    I’m sure there may be ways to do this for each plugin/integration, but it would be great to be able to set up a set of sites on ManageWP with a single synched user database and way of managing permissions & access for them across each site.

  • I would really like to see a site wide search and replace facility implemented. Thanks.

  • Andrei

    I would like to be more cheap!
    In my opinion i cannot go wrong with this comment :))

  • 4 suggestions instead of 1:

    1) Mobile app to manage all my WP instanced (iPhone & Android)
    2) Get a better deployment flow like fetching, test and deploy (thinking about unit testing provided included in plugin)
    3) Run acceptance tests (Selenium?) automatically on all instances to see after upgrades if websites has not any issues (really useful for companies managing several WP instances
    4) (BEST FEATURE) Translate ManageWP into several languages (I’m ready to do translation for French) and give the possibility to have several users for a single account (roles)

  • So many options! I’d love wootheme integration for framework upgrades :)

  • Definitely a sitewide search/replace!

  • I would like the ability to choose certain plugins to be updated automatically when updates are available.

  • Also I would like the ability to have a list of certain plugins and their settings saved, so that those plugins and their respective settings can be implemented on any new site on a click of a button.

  • I would suggest updating the interface to mimic the latest versions of WordPress instead of the old ones. ;)

  • Tommy

    I would love for the interface to be refined further. I have only just scratched the surface of ManageWP, but it seems there is already incredible power there. However, at times the interface can be a bit overwhelming and somewhat takes away from one of WordPress’ key features – simplicity.

    Having said that, I am a big fan already and can see this becoming a key tool in my web development process.

  • Getting an Android app would be great.

  • I wish it were ManageWP in multiple languages

  • Improve managewp.com load speed to reduce the amount of wasted time I spend by using your service.

    • AddThis
    • Facebook Connect
    • Google +
    • Google Analytics
    • Intercom
    • LinkedIn Widgets
    • New Relic
    • Twitter Button

    Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Please improve load speed :)
    Every page I visit loads these services – really?

    Visit this link » http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34614758/improve-load-speed-managewp.gif

  • Karan

    Comprehensive comment management across all the sites. Also wp-settings and plugin-settings archival for the sites so that new rollouts or restores are quicker.

  • Karan

    Ah, and management across several sites with stores using a common e-comm framework like WooCommerce


  • Kevin

    Social integration would be nice

  • Increase more resource for FREE users :D That’s the best way to gain more customers :D

  • Vic

    If the admin could notify all the blog owners about updates etc… with a click what collect a log and send to evrybody

    (If I do something now (as a system admin) I nned to notify and explain evry of the blog owners what I did – step by step)

  • Krypta

    Integrate time tracking ability. I manage multiple WP site’s for client’s who pay monthly for a maintenance plan.

    • ManageWP.com is all about maintenance, is it not?

    Visit ApolloHQ software for a glimpse of how easy it could be.

  • Viktor

    I’d really like a more secure way to “claim”/connect WordPress installations. Perhaps based on the current plugin, with an extra layer of security, i.e. a hash token that is generated before the plugin is installed on the remote installation and then the admin must confirm it to complete the “connection”.

    On the side note: I would love to be able to choose more “clear” packages. I.e. I would love the “web agency works” part of the Business package but SEO analysis & monitoring would be *useless* when we already use 3rd party providers for those.

  • Don

    The more cloning choices and abilities the better. If I only want to clone a portion of a site as a starting point etc.

    So the more choices of selecting the data that needs to be cloned the better.

  • WordPress really needs a decent admin/posts editor. If ManageWP could add a decent editor to the admin area it would be a winner all the way! IMHO…
    So there’s the challenge-is ManageWP up to tackling it?
    Best wishes

  • Great service and to have it with hide menu features be better..i.e certain admin menu like wp total cache and permalinks(some clients have no idea how to use that and may change settings and break site)

  • This plugin is genius! Maybe android apps

  • Santiago

    Great tool! … Probably a native iPad app would be nice, all that managment in a secure app would be great!

  • Chess Man

    Integration for custom “navlinks”

    If I were to manage my entire WP client listings from your managewp.com, shouldn’t I have the option to have link(s) to my favorite sites (invoice software, premium plugins, chess.com, etc)?

    You could enable a dynamic sidebar “bookmarks link” widget.

  • Thanks to everyone who participated, we really appreciate all the suggestions. We will announce the winners soon.

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