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Smooth Scrolling Navigation with Page Scroller jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: BSD License, Tools

Page Scroller is a powerful JavaScript based smooth scrolling navigation system that utilizes the robust jQuery library. Created entirely with ease of use in mind, the plugin will work on any website. You can choose the positions of the navigation menu, and you can also change the scrolling speed easily. This smooth scroll plugin requires jQuery v1.3+.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://pagescroller.com/
License: BSD License

  • marcello

    the page says it’s compatible with IE9+ and i know IE6 is bad and evil and should be forgotten as soon as possible.

    but their page doesn’t even load on IE6: it shows a grey page with up and down (ugly) arrows with the content down below, only partially accessible by scrolling.

    the plugin looks awesome but at least a modicum of graceful degradation wouldn’t be bad.


  • Jax

    wow! this is a cool plugin. I want to use it on my new portfolio

  • Am I losing my mind or is this not possible in pure CSS anyway? position:fixed and some z-index voodoo?

  • Oh sorry yeah, that will teach me to look at things when I haven’t had coffee yet.

  • netShadow

    Marcello, it looks like IE6 support will be part of the next release.

  • marcello

    my lovely office proxy screws up the page you linked not showing the image but, well, that’s good news! :D


  • timsayshey

    The demo shows a top navigation bar but good luck getting it to work on the actual plugin. Useless documentation, nothing even hints at how to set the navigation position. *facepalm*

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