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Hovercard jQuery Plugin for Labels, Links & Information

Posted · Category: License Free, Tooltips

Hovercard is a free light weight jQuery plugin that enables you to display related information with the hovered label, link, or any html element of your choice. It comes with built in Twitter and Facebook hovercard.

A hovercard comes handy when displaying Person bio, Book author and price, Loading related information with Ajax and Editing in place. You may also add your own custom data source and display the profile data using existing card format. It supports callback functions on hover in and hover out.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://designwithpc.com/Plugins/Hovercard
License: License Free

  • Very nice! Exactly what I’m looking for to use on a project I’m working on, such a great timing :)

    Thanks Chaud & Ray for sharing this

  • Jez


    The hovercard comes up with quite a few errors on IE and doesn’t work.

    Syntax error in jquery.hovercard.js

    Syntax error in notify.js

    Object doesn’t support property or method hovercard.

    Also, doesn’t work in Chrome or Firefox.

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