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Create an Interactive Map using HTML5 & jQuery

Posted · Category: Maps, MIT License

Have you ever create a really good looking interactive map using HTML5 and jQuery? MigrationsMap.net allows you to see for every country X in the world either the top ten providing countries of lifetime migrants to X or the top ten receiving countries of lifetime migrants from X.

On top of that, when you let your mouse hover over a country, you can see the total population, the GDP per capita, the HIV and Tuberculosis prevalences and the death rate of children under five. All the code of the site and the scripts used to produce it are available on github.


Requirements: HTML5 and jQuery
Demo: http://migrationsmap.net
License: MIT License

  • There is also http://jqvmap.com that uses resizable SVG with fallback VML for older browsers like IE 6. I like this one since you can customize the colors and sizes pretty easily.  Super configurable.

  • comment box test

    nice !

  • Senan

    Are there any other suggestions for an HTML5 Interactive Map that one can administer and update on their own?

  • Chris

    http://simplemaps.com also uses SVG/VML, but comes with latitude/longitude markers and continent/level zooming. To update you just edit a text file.

  • shekhar

    this is very important to run on j query we find the way nice http://www.exoticindiaescapes.com

  • Patrick

    You can also do this using HTML5 canvas. Chekout this url:

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