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jTicker Writes Your Text in Ticker Tape Style

Posted · Category: Fonts, License Free

jTicker takes an elements’ children and displays them one by one, in sequence, writing their text ‘ticker tape’ style. It is smart enough to ticker text from an element heirarchy, inserting elements back into the DOM tree as it needs them. That means almost any content can be ‘tickered’.

jTicker handles any number of alternating cursors (or just one). jTicker’s cursor container is styleable using the class .cursor, or can be defined as your own jQuery object. jTicker reacts to jQuery events “play”, “stop” and “control”.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://webdev.stephband.info/jticker/
License: License Free

1 Comment
  • Tanq so much. But here is a problem. I want use it
    with RTL Direction and Arabic / Persian Language! it’s seems correct on
    IE9 and Firefox 12, but in Chrome or Safari, my letters appears apart!
    how can I fix that?!

    for example it must be like this: سلام

    but it’s look like: س ل ا م

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