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Raven – A New Mac Site-Specific Web Browser

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Raven is a new Mac site-specific web browser that will help you be more productive. They created Raven with the belief that if a browser provided a more helping hand that web apps would not have to work as hard to mimic their desktop counterparts. Browsers could provide more ways for developers to leverage their functionality and do so safely.

Raven leverages a technique called site specific browsing to create a dedicated web browsing instance for each one of your favorite web apps. His history browser provides a clean, easy to read list of the pages you’ve visited with a preview pane. When you found something you want to read later simply bookmark it.

You can also simply start typing what you want and Raven scours your history, bookmarks and favorites. Not what you want? Simply hit return and it will search Google. Raven has selected Webkit, which the fastest, most secure and best HTML rendering engine on the planet. Web content should look as exactly as intended from browser-to-browser.


Requirements: Mac
Demo: http://raven.io/
License: License Free

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