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How to Create Google+ Buttons in CSS

Posted · Category: Buttons, CC License

Google rolled out a new design across many of their services as part of the Google+ launch. The new look presents a sleeker, simplified Google that puts the emphasis on your data and not on the interface. Part of the design’s success are the new buttons.

Great UIs tend to have simple, obvious buttons that are standard across the entire application. Pixify has created Google+ Buttons in CSS that you can apply to your app’s UI. You can also check out Use Apple OS X Lion to Improve Your UI.


Requirements: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE7+, IE6
Demo: http://pixify.com/blog/use-google-plus-to-improve-your-ui/
License: Creative Commons License

  • Nice resource like always ;-)

    Keep going on!

    TIP: The title of the article maybe is a little bit confusing, i thougt it was about how to insert Google +1 button or how to create you own customized +1 button.

  • Michael Lamas

    It looks interesting in the preview, but the hyperlink doesn´t work…:-(

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