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How to Create Beautiful and Creative Typographic

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Web Typography for the Lonely aims to excite designers about the possibilities of cutting-edge web standards and javascript through beautiful and inspiring typographic explorations.

Web Typography for the Lonely is an ongoing collection of experiments and writings on web typography and the possibilities of standards-based web design. It aims to inspire the web community by pushing the boundries of what is both possible and practical in web standards in a manner that is compelling and exciting to the visually-minded creative.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://webtypographyforthelonely.com/
License: License Free

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  • Why is it that people think that using type as imagery or having large graphical based type on their site qualifies it for being a “typographic” layout? Proper typography is about positioning, relation, and flow.

    An example of typography would be the grid system layout link that you have as the first related web resource but not the link itself. Granted, the site is nicely done and uses typographic rules in it’s layout but the designs that you pointing out are not typography, they are type treatments.

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