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Opa – The Scalable Open Source Cloud Language

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License

Opa is a new generation of web development platform. It is a new programming language, a new web server, a new database and a new distributed execution engine, all of them tightly integrated to provide a great experience for web developers.

Opa is concise, simple and readable, it is also extremely powerful, concurrent, dynamically distributed, and extremely secure, much more so than just about any other programming language. Opa is designed to make web development fun, secure and right.


Requirements: 64 bit platforms
Demo: http://opalang.org/
License: GPL License

  • strange name for such an innovative project… OPA is the german word for granpa ;)

  • PHP, No other langauges

  • What about performance?

    I couldn’t find any benchmark… If it’s a compiled code, I guess it’s faster than PHP?

  • Like the first commentator said: Its the name for grandpa!! :)

    It looks good!

  • @doobdargent: yes, it’s compiled and hence it certainly has the potential to be much faster than PHP. We don’t yet have good benchmarks (we’re working on them) so I’d rather not comment on that (I mean, Opa as a language is certainly faster than PHP, but it also comprises of a DBMS, web server etc., which also play their part in the performance equation, so doing sound benchmarks is not trivial).

  • chris

    can the database engine handle enterprise volume like Oracle or DB2 ?

    can we use a different database engine ? if so, how difficult is it to switch to a different dbms engine ?

  • @chris: Good questions. In general using a different DBMS in Opa is not very easy, due to the database being very tightly coupled with the language.
    However, we’re currently working on (tight) integration of MongoDB & CouchDB. Once that work is done using those engines will be as easy as using Opa’s internal DB is now.
    Hope that helps.
    (Disclaimer: I’m part of the Opa team)

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