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Create Endless Grid with The Wall Mootools Plugin

Posted · Category: Gallery, MIT License

The Wall enables to create an endless grid. You choose the number of elements, The Wall will see to the rest. Every moment you may know the position of your wall or move it where you like better by clicking or dragging it.

With The Wall you decide the position of your contents punctually. Every plug is ready to hold your contents, pictures, videos, texts, everything. With The Wall you may have an endless grid or an original draggable coda slider, if you like better.


Requirements: Mootools Framework
Demo: http://wall.plasm.it/
License: MIT License

  • Is an excellent plugin that is only with mootools, I wonder if there is something similar with jquery

  • has anyone figured out an easier way to implement ‘The Wall’ script onto something like wordpress. It seems a little high strung on JS and demanding to extract images from a preset folder. I am sure this can be simplified where one can actually have these individual DIVs being more controlled by the template.

    Anybody have some thoughts or links that address this implementation?

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