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Preview Mobile Websites Easily with Mobilizer Desktop App

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Mobilizer is a mobile preview desktop application. You can easily preview mobile websites, design mockups, and local HTML on Mac or PC. You can preview on iPhone 4, Palm Pre, HTC Evo, and Blackberry Storm, with more devices on the way.

Simply visit any URL or drag and drop local HTML, Flash, or image files. You are able to view the same site on multiple devices. At last, you can export PNGs of device views, which is perfect for portfolios.


Requirements: Adobe Air
Demo: http://www.springbox.com/mobilizer/
License: License Free

  • Any idea how to disable the Flash on Mobilizer?

    Testing on the Iphone 4, websites with flash don’t behave the same way they do on the device… Just made a test using the product and comparing at the same time with my device…

    On the Iphone 4 (device) the flash content doesn’t show up, since Apple doesn’t have an agreement with Adobe.

    On the Iphone 4 (product) the flash content is loaded so it avoids the layout to stay fluid… :-(

    Besides that, a great addition to the collection. Works perfectly on the other devices from what I tested! :-)

    Best and thanks again for the tip.

  • unfortunately the browers are not accurate and won’t render CSS3 rounded corners

  • tonyb

    This is not a TRUE browser emulator, it uses Adobe AIR and the browser on your PC to render the pages.., it simply emulates screen size, which is pretty useless if FLASH shows up (on phones like iphone and blackberry) and takes up the screen.

    Use it only as a rough guide for how wide/narrow a page will apear on given device. It has nothing to do with the native rendering capabilities of that device.

  • Pat

    My high hopes have come to naught. I agree with tonyb…useless.

  • laura

    hi, great desktop application.

    Can you rotate the smartphone?

  • MikBys

    This is not a good solution which has little to do with reality. Most obvious flaws are:
    1. Javascript engine is not the same as on the platform, supposedly emulated. It’s something much simpler that breaks down with Jquery Mobile quickly.
    2. Sizes are all too zoomed in and not as on the platform.

    End result is nothing like the real thing and therefore only a fun idea you can’t rely on.

    Instead real developers will get the IOS emulator of free Xcode directly form Apple and the Android SDK form the the Android website.

  • There is a new rev out there as of September which has been rebuilt from the ground-up as a SaaS tool. Portrait, landscape, phone shells with colors, higher resolution available. Next rev ready in early November. Free use, trial use and subscriptions.

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