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Cotyledon Mini Icons Free for Download

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Cotyledon Mini Icons designed by Web Icon Set, released exclusively here at WebAppers, features 20 beautiful 16x16px icons. Each icon comes in PNG format. You can use them on both personal and commercial projects.

Cotyledon Mini Icons includes Email, Comment, Save, Load, Star, Favourite, Home, Chart, Calendar, RSS, Document, Edit, Delete, Printer, User, Picture, Shopping Cart, Media, Alert, Search. You should also check out their Free Icons Section for more free icons download.

Just to remind you that you can also download our Web Application Icons we have released long time ago. They are free for download as well. Enjoy!


Click Here to Download Cotyledon Mini Icons

  • What are the terms for use, specifically? Is this one of those “You can do anything you want with them but claim ownership… but you must link people to us to download them?” (Attribution and No-Redistribution clauses) dealies?

    …because, to keep things simple, I only use resources that are 100% compatible with licenses like the GPL and the CC-BY-SA and that means that “You’re not legally obligated, but please link people to here for their downloads” is the furthest I’m willing to go with the resources I use in my projects.

    I don’t want to find out, some day, that my icon theme has become a violation of its own license because I finally added that last feature which, in a very round-about way, turned it into a complete copy of the original set with different filenames plus one or two additions I licensed under CC-BY-SA or something else along those lines.

    …or discover that I have to re-create some icons from scratch because I forgot to keep a copy of the set and you’ve gone out of business and nobody else has the legal rights to authorize redistribution of the complete set.

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Stephan,

    You are allowed to use the icons for both personal and commercial projects. I do not really mind you using them on the themes you are selling too. The only thing I do not want to see people are solely re-distributing or re-selling the icons. :)

  • It’s more my open-source creations I worry about. Too much bother to keep track of what I can and can’t toss up, unmodified, on the project’s dev site or package into a self-extracting build environment to easily get contributors up to speed.

    To keep things simple, since I can’t afford a legal team, I just apply the same rules to resource lists for both my open- and closed-source projects.

    So thanks for the icons, but I think I’ll stick with ones like Silk, Tango, Fugue, Sweetie, and all the others which are under GPL or a Creative Commons variant without the NoDerivs or NonCommercial clauses.

    (GPL and Creative Commons licenses enshrine the right to redistribute, so it’s either a polite request not to redistribute, or it’s something that’s not GPL/CC using the GPL/CC name… which the FSF and CC.org take issue with)

  • Achilleas

    Love the icons, thanks!

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