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CSS3 Image Gallery with 3D Lightbox Animation

Posted · Category: Gallery, License Free

Having been inspired to get ‘Hardboiled’, Tom Kenny has started playing around with a few cool techniques and exploring how to make the content accessible in less capable browsers while giving the best possible experiences to the ones that support the latest advancements in CSS.

He has Create a CSS3 Image Gallery with a 3D Lightbox Animation by taking Benjamin’s CSS lightbox gallery and built upon by adding a few hover effects for the gallery grid itself and a 3D rotation for the lightbox content, all with the use of CSS.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://inspectelement.com/demos/css3/3dgallery/
License: License Free

  • VV

    That’s pretty awesome.

  • Thesturs

    It is doing a stretch effect instead of the 3D flip… Maybe the CSS needs a fix from when it was first made.

  • Thesturs

    It is doing a stretch effect instead of the real perspective 3D flip on Chrome 31 and Firefox 23.. It may need a fix in the CSS..

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